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In the recent versions, Chrome browser is showing a Windows volume overlay. If you don't like this behavior, here's how to remove Chrome volume overlay in Windows 10.
Though many may think the Chrome integration with the default system volume overlay is good, in actuality, the volume overlay is simply too big and ugly. First and foremost, it simply shows "Chrome.exe" around the volume overlay. Additionally, the totally useless fast forward and backward buttons. Not to mention, the overlay is also displayed on the lock screen too.
To put it simply, like many others, I simply hate the big and ugly Windows 10 volume overlay and I can't stand Chrome utilizing it. So, if you are like me, stick to the below steps to remove volume overlay in Windows 10.
Remove Chrome Volume Overlay
Thankfully, it
Microsoft abandoning EdgeHTML and migrating to Chromium creates a number of benefits, including Google itself being more willing to support Windows as a platform.
For example, one of the projects that may see daylight as a result of Microsoft's resolve for Chromium is a Windows 10 ARM form of Google Chrome browser.
And by the looks of products, this really is already a piece happening, and a software developer got the browser ready to go on Windows 10 on ARM.
Jeremy Sinclair explains in a tweet that it's actually possible to build Google Chrome for Windows 10 ARM, despite the fact that not every features are presently working exactly as expected, as it's the situation of the emoji window in Windows 10.
"BEHOLD! Successful Chromium build completed and it is running on Windows ARM64 \o/! It
CCleaner has become flagged like a Potentially Unwanted Application, or PUA, by Microsoft's Windows Defender antivirus, and it is installation is thus blocked on Windows 10 devices.
As the software originally added CCleaner to the threat database with only several details, Microsoft published an update on July 29 to describe why precisely the application is blocked by Windows Defender.
Microsoft says CCleaner itself is not really a dangerous program but its installer includes certain software, such as Google Chrome, google's Toolbar, Avast and AVG antivirus that users may not want.
"Certain installers free of charge and 14-day trial versions of CCleaner include bundled applications, including applications that are not required by CCleaner or produced by the same publisher Piriform. While t
Google Chrome is among the most used web browsers. As such it is common that some users may encounter strange errors and bugs that make browsing a chore. If that ever happens, you can simply reset Chrome to the default settings. Here's how.
Not just you may face strange issues like downloading proxy script error or awaiting proxy tunnel issue, etc., but with time, because of all the extensions you put in, Chrome can become slower or operate in the methods you might not expect. In those cases, you may either completely reinstall the browser, or you can simply reset Chrome.
Resetting is really a much simpler task and also you do not have to download and install the software again. So, without ado, let me demonstrate how you can reset Chrome browser in Windows 10.
Basically, there are two way
Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have were able to improve their share of the market in July 2020, based on third-party numbers from NetMarketShare, by the design of products, the largest victim of the continued growth appears to be the one and only Firefox.
Mozilla's application is definitely the second most-used desktop browser, however that Microsoft Edge has completed the switch to Chromium people these days give it a shot, its market share is continuously declining.
And Firefox is actually heading down so fast that it already lost the second place, with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge now spearheading the desktop browser market.
Recently, Google Chrome increased its market share from 70.19% to 71.00%, while Microsoft Edge jumped from 8.07% to 8.46%. Meanwhile, Firefox declined f
Windows 10's Hello feature provides a wide selection of methods to log in for your laptop, from passwords to PIN numbers, fingerprint scans and even facial recognition. That latter requires an infrared or Intel RealSense camera. So far, that's been limited to select computers, like Microsoft's own Surface Book and HP's EliteBook Folio G1. You can also buy some external webcams that will provide this functionality.
It is cool, and it works really well. If you have the right hardware, here's how you can setup Windows Hello's face login:
1. Open Settings and choose Accounts.
2. Click "Sign-in options" on the sidebar and scroll right down to Windows Hello. Click "Set up" under Face.
Without having a PIN, you'll need to set that up first. That's located directly above Windows Hello.
3. Click Ge
Google Chrome continues to be the world's number one browser on the desktop, and statistics supplied by NetMarketShare show that despite holding a record market share, it even were able to increase recently.
Right now, Google Chrome may be the top choice on PCs having a share of 68.60%, based on these figures, and this is up from no less than 66.29% the previous month.
Mozilla Firefox continues to be the runner-up name in the browser wars, and also the July 2019 data shows its share of the market dropped to 8.34% recently from 8.86%.
So far as Microsoft Edge is concerned, Microsoft's browsers currently commands a 5.80% market share, that is is a drop from 6.03% the prior month. The data here, however, only covers the built-in Windows 10 browser and not the Chromium version that Microsoft i
Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 May 2020 Update ships with massive segment heap memory improvements, which allow for a substantial reduction in the amount of memory used by browsers, including here the kind of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
And needless to say, Microsoft Edge is the first browser to profit from these changes, and also the company claims it's observed a 27 percent improvement in the May 2020 Update.
As I said just a few hours ago, it was only a matter of time until Google discovered the refinements in Windows 10 May 2020 Update and began focusing on similar updates for Google Chrome.
And today it looks like Google really wants to bring segment heap to Chrome too, and the company has started the work in connection with this.
"This is why we want segment heap"
In a
The new Windows 10 release is just nearby. Adopt these measures to download Windows 10 ISO without using the media creation tool.
Microsoft is releasing a new Windows 10 version every six months with additional features, stability improvements, user interface improvements, and security fixes. Each time there is a new major update, Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs it.
If you want to produce a bootable USB drive you will want to download the Windows 10 ISO file. However, if you go to the official Microsoft page, you are instructed to download the Media Creation Tool.
Microsoft performs this by detecting your system and your browser's user agent. Should you go to the same download page from any other operating-system other than Windows, you will be able to download the ISO file
A brand new Google Chrome feature will allow users to copy content on a single tool and paste it on another, whatever the platform that the browser is running on.
In other words, this selection will enable a shared clipboard that will be available in Google Chrome on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.
While shared clipboards already exist at OS level, as it's the situation on Windows 10, Google wants this feature to create together each one of these platforms, so long as the browser is installed.
A Chromium Gerrit post spotted by Chrome Story details how the feature could work when it's ready:
"Enable receiver device to deal with shared clipboard feature - Enables receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature by showing a notification to get the clipboard to talk about.
Enable shared
Google Chrome 74 brings a highly-anticipated feature to Windows 10: the browser now features a dark mode, similar to the macOS sibling.
Dark themes are particularly successful these days, pretty much since they're easier on the eye in the evening or during the night.
And because Google Chrome is the leading browser on both the desktop and mobile, it's a no-brainer the application should come with your a choice.
It was better late than never for Google Chrome, as the search giant is one of the last browser developers introducing a dark mode. For instance, Microsoft Edge (the initial version, not the brand new one running on Chromium), already includes such an option, despite not as successful as Google's rival.
The biggest trouble with Google Chrome's dark theme isn't necessarily the way it
FTP مخفف File Transfer Protocol به مفهوم پروتکل انتقال فایل می باشد این پروتکل به منظور آپلود فایل بر روی سرور استفاده می شود.
برای ایجاد یک اتصال FTP شما نیاز به یک حساب میزبانی FTP دارید که بتوانید فایل های خود را آپلود کنید.
برای آپلود فایل بر روی سرور ، نرم افزار نیاز دارید . FileZilla یکی از نرم افزارهای موجود ،منبع باز و رایگان ، با بسیاری از ویژگی های مفید و رابط کاربری گرافیکی و بصری است. نسخه ی آن در بسیاری از زبان ها بویژه فارسی وجود دارد و کار با آن بس
Microsoft's work on the new Chromium-based Edge browser advances at a fast pace, after it revealed a number of its short-term feature plans for the app, the company now confirmed another improvement that it has in mind.
Microsoft Edge will quickly sport support for Windows 10 Timeline, according to the Microsoft Edge dev team which took to Reddit to have an AMA session.
When asked if Microsoft plans to add Windows Timeline integration in Microsoft Edge, the team briefly answered that "we're actively working on it," with no other specifics offered for the time being.
Timeline is really a Windows feature that creates snapshots from the running apps, documents, and browser tabs and enables you to restore full sets of activities within a timeframe of 30 days.
With Timeline expanded beyond Wind
Windows remains the operating-system of choice for countless users who would like the full desktop power without any type of compromise regarding the apps they have to run.
And while the competition from other platforms, including Linux itself, keeps growing, Windows continues to be number 1 desktop platform, and the large app ecosystem plays a vital role within this.
Google itself is pushing hard for Chrome OS, an operating system whose adoption is growing mostly in the education market where Chromebooks can be used by teachers and students for any wide selection of tasks. But simply like other platforms, Chrome OS has also suffered from the possible lack of app support, something which once more made Windows the go-to platform for thus many customers.
And now everything is designed to ch
As laptops get smaller, storage space gets more valuable. While many of us supplement physical storage with cloud-based alternatives, there's no replacement for storage on-demand, even if you're not attached to the internet. And for most Windows users, the quantity of storage wasted on temp files and the Recycle Bin would free up a fair little bit of space on our hard disk if perhaps we're able to we're able to remember to eliminate it.
A new feature in Windows 10's Creators Update has your back.
1. Right click the Windows icon at the end right of the screen and open the System menu.
2. Select Storage in the sidebar at the left.
3. Toggle Storage Sense to the on position.
4. If you'd like to determine what Storage sense deletes (either files in the Trash can or temp files -- or both), clic
سلام بر همه دوستان برنامه نویس خودم
خوب امروز من یه برنامه براتون Upload کردم تا دانلود کنید . این برنامه برای ساختن Setup می باشد که با توجه به حجم کم این برنامه ولی بسیار قوی هست . من خودم امروز با این برنامه یک Setup ساختم که روی چند کامپیوتر تست کردم و هیچ مشکلی نداشت . این برنامه دارای امکانات زیادی می باشد به شما توصیه می کنم که حتماً دانلود کنید .
خوب یک توضیح اینکه برای ساختن Setup شما باید بدانید که چه فایلهایی را باید به همراه فایل اجرایی بر روی س
Google has announced a few improvements for Chrome browser in order to protect users against dangerous websites and phishing pages.
Starting with Google Chrome 75, the applying integrates a brand new warning whenever a confusing URL is loaded, and with the assistance of a passionate extension, users can report pages they think could pose a threat to their devices to the search giant.
This way, Google says, the organization can expand its blacklist and help protect others too, all utilizing a community-driven system that flags dangerous websites.
Microsoft itself is offering a method to report unsafe links in the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, but this time, the operation is a little bit more straightforward and relies on systems produced by the software giant itself to bar malicious pa
While I typically use my browser with only a handful of tabs open at the same time, there are plenty of people out there who actually keep tens, hundreds, of even thousands of sites loaded simultaneously.
While it's hard to find a very good reason for anybody carrying this out, it appears as though there are numerous individuals who open tons of tabs in the search engines Chrome, as the search giant has decided to develop a feature that would help you to find the tab they need.
Called tab search, the new feature will pretty much allow users to simply search for a tab within the plethora of websites that are loaded in Google Chrome.
For example, this person who loaded 6,000 tabs in Chrome would actually need this type of feature, although it goes without saying that at 1.4TB RAM usage recor
This past year, Netflix made it possible for iOS and Android users to download shows and films watching them offline. That functionality is finally visiting Windows 10. The feature is still rolling out, so you may avoid seeing it immediately.
To download content, you will need to use the Netflix app (which often comes as area of the standard Windows 10 bloatware package), so be sure you have that first. The library that's available for download is somewhat limited, but Netflix original series for example "House of Cards" and "BoJack Horseman" are shoe-ins.
To download, find an episode with the download symbol (an arrow pointing down) and press it. It'll download, and you can watch it offline.
To determine all the content which can be found to download for offline viewing, click on the hamb
Windows 8 users who had been awaiting a much better consumer experience do not have to wait any more. Microsoft's Windows 8.1 can be obtained as a free upgrade for just about any PC running Windows 8. With just a few simple steps, you will get important new features, including the ability to see multiple windows in Modern UI, a Start Button and a search function that returns results both on the internet as well as your hard disk. Here's how to change your Windows 8 PC to Windows 8.1.
1. Make certain your computer has all recent Windows updates. If you have been using Windows 8 steadily you are probably up to date, but if it's been a few days because you last logged directly into your computer, adopt these measures to check on.
1a. Click settings around the Charms menu.
1b. Click Change PC
Google has already released a dark theme in Google Chrome, allowing the browser to complement the visual style of the operating system on both Windows 10 and macOS.
However, while the dark theme itself is already here, you will find parts of the browser which are still using the classic light theme, which is because a credit card applicatoin the size of Chrome can't just be overhauled overnight with this new mode.
The best example in connection with this is the template utilized by interstitial warnings in Google Chrome, which still use the classic visual style and do not follow the dark mode in the operating-system.
For starters, the interstitial warnings would be the messages that you will get when pointing the browser to pages which are referred to as dangerous and may represent a threa
Starting June 6, 2019, Windows 10 version 1903 (May 2019 Update) is fully readily available for anyone through Windows Update. Although the May 2019 Update was officially launched on May 21, 2019, it was only available for any select number of devices through Windows Update, but now it's available more broadly.
According to the Windows 10 health dashboard website, version 1903 has become readily available for anyone manually when clicking the Look for updates button starting June 6.
However, when checking for updates, your pc won't upgrade immediately. Instead, you'll get a new "Download and install now" choice to imitate cellular phone manually, because feature updates no longer apply automatically on computer unless you're running a mature version.
If you're currently running the Windows
Microsoft recently released the servicing stack update for Windows 10 v1903 update users. Like most servicing stack updates, it's a quality improvement update aiming to fix minor issues. There is a direct download links for KB4509096 update below.
In case you have no idea, servicing stack updates are targeted updates which make changes and improvements to the servicing stack. In general, the servicing stack is responsible for Windows updates. If there is a problem or reliability issue with the servicing stack, that reflects in the Windows update and could make the system not to download the updates properly.
So, if you're facing any problems associated with Windows Update, it's advocated that you simply install the servicing stack update as soon as possible. For the most part, servicing st
با وارد کردن اکانت گوگل خود تمامی بوکمارکها و تاریخچه ی صفحات باز شده در کامپیوتر و موبایلتان با یکدیگر همانگ خواهد شد. همچنین امکان فشرده سازی صفحات که به کاهش حجم آن ها کمک می کند برای کاربرانی که با سیم کارت خود از اینترنت استفاده می کنند بسیار مفید است. لطفاً توجه داشته باشید برای اجرای این اپلیکیشن به iOS 6.0 و بالاتر نیاز دارید.
رمز فایل: www.downloadha.com
لینک دانلود - 17 مگابایت | لینک کمکی
Just a couple of weeks back Adobe released a patch to fix one of its several vulnerabilities. Microsoft promptly released the patch as KB4477029 to any or all supported Windows systems so you don't have to be worried about all the security holes in Flash Player. As usual, Adobe found another Zero-day vulnerability (CVE-20-15982) that let attackers trigger and execute a random code and moderate your machine. This vulnerability affects almost every system and software that makes utilization of or has Flash Player installed. So, it's strongly suggested that you update your machine as soon as possible. Remember that this is just a burglar update with no feature updates are included.
If you have not paused Windows 10 updates, you can be sure that Windows 10 will automatically upload KB4471331
Microsoft just released KB4477029 update to patch a burglar vulnerability in Flash Player. The vulnerability found was a critical one and is recommended to install KB4477029 update as soon as possible to patch the safety vulnerability. After installation, the software will be updated to Adobe Flash Player As mentioned, this is just a security update and includes no features updates. According to Adobe, the vulnerability lets the attacker execute arbitrary code in current users context. The update is applicable to October 20 update, April 20 update, minimizing form of Windows 10.
The good thing is, you've Windows 10 automatic updates enabled, the operating-system will automatically upload it in the background. If you have paused Windows 10 updates, you may make Windows 10 do
If the taskbar is becoming crowded and clunky, you can group similar taskbar icons or programs directly from the taskbar settings. Here's how.
As I said many times, the taskbar is among my personal favorite things in Windows 10. You can do several things around the taskbar like pinning your most used applications, pin folders, pin the trash can to keep the desktop clean, etc. Whenever you pin several things there are apps running actively, the taskbar becomes crowded quickly. Put simple, the taskbar is hugely useful in day to day life and it is far more an involved tactic to customize and manage taskbar icons. To makes things a bit tidier, you are able to group similar icons together on the taskbar. Once grouped, these icons will stack on a single another to free up space.
Within this quic
The new AV1 codec isn't enabled by default. Here is how you are able to install AV1 codec in Windows 10 to allow AV1 video codec support.
AV1 codec is free and developed by Open Media as a successor towards the existing VP9 codec. Just like with VP9, AV1 codec is developed for the web use like online streaming media. When compared with libvpx-vp9, x264 high profile, and x264 main profile, AV1 codec achieved higher data compression while keeping the standard. Not that but unlike HEVC, AV1 codec is royalty-free. This only denotes that the creators do not have to be worried about unnecessary patent infringements.
Taking into consideration the open nature of the AV1 codec, Microsoft included support for AV1 codec in Windows 10. For videos encoded with AV1 codec to experience, you first need to
Google focusing on bringing dual-boot support to Chromebooks is a project that first made the rounds in 20 when the company was said to be exploring other operating systems like Linux and Windows because of its own devices.
As the development work advanced, more details reached the web, so we eventually found out that Google was attempting to bring Windows 10 to Chromebooks included in an attempt called Project Campfire.
Although this was an ambitious idea that might have turned Chromebooks into devices fully focused on productivity, something particularly important for that education market where Google is investing aggressively, it appears as though the plan has since been abandoned.
Reddit use crosfrog discovered comments and code removals indicating that Project Campfire is dead perm
The brand new AV1 codec isn't enabled automatically. Here is how you are able to install AV1 codec in Windows 10 to enable AV1 video codec support.
AV1 codec is free and produced by Open Media as a successor to the existing VP9 codec. Much like with VP9, AV1 codec is produced for the web use like online movies online. When compared with libvpx-vp9, x264 much talked about, and x264 main profile, AV1 codec achieved higher data compression and keep the standard. Not only that but unlike HEVC, AV1 codec is royalty-free. This simply means the creators do not have to be worried about unnecessary patent infringements.
Taking into consideration the open nature from the AV1 codec, Microsoft included support for AV1 codec in Windows 10. For videos encoded with AV1 codec to experience, you need to se
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